Clip Lock 730


Clip Lock 730

Introducing Clip Lock 730 – a testament to engineering excellence and quality craftsmanship. Crafted with precision and designed for durability, Clip Lock 730 boasts interlock action ribs, ensuring a secure and concealed clip fixing. Made exclusively from the finest high tensile G550 steel coil, it sets the standard for reliability in roofing solutions.

Why Choose Clip Lock 730 ?

Clip Lock 730 is engineered and designed to have interlock action ribs for positive concealed clip fixing. It is only made from the highest quality of high tensile G550 steel coil. Clip Lock 730 is available in Primero. Thermoshield, and Supreme. 

Clip Lock 730 exclusive design makes it well suited for roofs with minimum one degree roof pitch. It provides lightweight but extremely strong water proof system with 240mm fluted pans and 37mm high ribs. Clip Lock 730 disperses rainwater quickly and efficiently to the outer perimeters of the roof, thus making it an excellent choice for areas with severe rain fall intensity in Asia. Clip Lock 730 remains as one of the most trusted and reliable products since the past few decades.
Clip Lock 730 is a perfect choice of metal roofing for those building structures that have very low slopes and long spanning roofs. Clip Lock 730 is also suitable for vertical wall cladding, making it to fulfill industrial needs. This product type is very common in building types such as exhibition hall, warehouse, factory, and shop lot. Clip Lock 730 is also available in site-forming. mostly for extremely long roofing project. 

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