PU Panel 350 R6


PU Panel 350 R6

PU Panel 350 had Polyurethane (PU) applied on its panel. It provides excellent heat resistance, good sound absorption, mechanical and dimensional stability of ceiling or wall assembly and great aesthetic appearances using concealed fastener system.

It is suitable to be used on surrounding wall, interior and exterior buildings like hotel, airport kiosk, restaurant, residential, school hall, house wall extension and hospital especially for decorative purposes.

Product Specification
Effective Width 350MM
Steel Grade Realcolor® Primero, Realcolor® Tekstur, Realcolor® GeoMax
Thickness of Top BMT 0.35MM (TCT 0.40MM)
Thickness of Bottom BMT 0.20MM (TCT 0.25MM)
Bottom Layer Finishing PU Foil (Aluminium Foil), PU Metal (0.25MM Solid White Metal Finished)
PU Foam Thickness 18MM
PU Foam Insulation Density 40kg/m³
K Value (Thermal Conductivity) 0.021W/mk
R Value (Thermal Resistance) 0.714km2/W
Structure Spacing Suggest 1.0M, 1.2M to MAX 1.5M
Application Ceiling & Wall, External Ceiling & Wall
Tolerance Length ± 3MM, Width ± 2MM, Thickness ± 0.02MM
Weight Chart
  Base Metal Thickness (BMT) Total Coated Thickness (TCT) Weight (KG/M)
PU PANEL FOIL 0.35MM 0.40MM 1.50
PU PANEL METAL 0.35MM 0.40MM 2.26
Recommend Span & Usage
Thickness Recommend Max. Length Recommend Span Available Colour Usage
0.40MM (TCT) 12M 1000 - 1200MM Realcolor® & WoodGrain Partition & Ceiling

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